Axi Clean!

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Company description

We're a startup from Europe - Portugal - Porto!

We developed a patented technology product, that removes underarm stains in white/dark/color clothes! We've been in national TV in Portugal 2x.
Our technology is 100% efficient in 2/3 minutes!
Our technology is Axi Clean!

Our story
Our story is very funny, as we were in cafe talking about potential business, what can we do? something different? And I asked my partner: I have a huge problem with my shirts as they yellow underarm in white and color clothes and white in dark clothes.What can I do?

And he said? But that is a problem? never heard!
and I said: There is no solution in the market! So the potential is huge!
And he said: Why not? let's try!

So, he went to lab at home, and started testing formulas to solve this problem! And I tested every sample in my clothes during several months until! Eureka! We found it!!! We found the solution!

We are in the market since January online and in the laundry market (over 500 Laundries in Portugal).

Our idea
In attach we're sending a presentation and the results! One sleave with Axi Clean/ and the other without. This shirt was old and now is as new!

This is a huge product with lots of potential!

package: 400ml - spray

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Rua Engº Ferreira Dias, nº161 E.103
4100-247 Porto
production, Cleaning products, anti-stain, clothes stains
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Andorra, Angola, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Established in

Registered with Portugal Export since December 2019.

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