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Common Measurements

Symbol If You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol
mm millimeters 0.03937 inches in
cm centimeters 0.3937 inches in
m meters 3.3 feet ft
m meters 1.1 yards yd
km kilometers 0.62 miles mi
in inches 2.54 centimeters cm
ft feet 30.48 centimeters cm
yd yards 0.9144 meters m
Symbol If You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol
cm² square centimeters 0.16 square inches in²
square meters 1.2 square yards yd²
km² square kilometers 0.4 square miles mi²
ha² hectares (10,000 m2) 2.5 acres
in² square inches 6.5 square centimeters cm²
ft² square feet 0.09 square meters
yd² square yards 0.8 square meters
mi² square miles 2.6 square kilomters km²
Symbol If You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol
g grams 0.035 ounce oz
kg kilograms 2.2046 pounds lb
t tonnes t tonnes t
oz ounces 28.3495 grams g
lb pounds 0.45 kilograms kg
Symbol If You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol
ml milliliters 0.03 fluid ounces fl oz
l liters 2.1 pints pt
l liters 1.06 quarts qt
l liters 0.26 gallons gal
cubic meters 35.314 cubic feet ft³
cubic meters 1.3 cubic yards yd³
tsp teaspoons 5 milliliters ml
tbsp tablespoons 15 milliliters ml
fl oz fluid ounces 30 milliliters ml
c cups 0.24 liters l
pt pints 0.47 liters l
qt quarts 0.97 liters l
gal gallons 3.8 liters l
ft³ cubic feet 0.03 cubic meters
yd³ cubic yards 0.76 cubic meters

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