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The Futuna island group was discovered by the Dutch in 1616 and Wallis by the British in 1767, but it was the French who declared a protectorate over the islands in 1842, and took official control of them between 1886 and 1888. Notably, Wallis and Futuna was the only French colony to side with the Vichy regime during World War II, a phase that ended in May of 1942 with the arrival of 2,000 American troops. In 1959, the inhabitants of the islands voted to become a French overseas territory and officially assumed this status in July 1961.


Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand

Natural Resources


Population - distribution

Wallisian (indigenous Polynesian language) 58.9%, Futunian 30.1%, French (official) 10.8%, other 0.2% (2003 census)
MATA-UTU (capital) 1,000 (2014)
Conventional long form
Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands
Conventional short form
Wallis and Futuna
Local long form
Territoire des Iles Wallis et Futuna
Local short form
Wallis et Futuna
parliamentary democracy (Territorial Assembly); overseas collectivity of France
Mata Utu
Geographic coordinates
13 57 S, 171 56 W
Time difference
UTC+12 (17 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time)
The economy is limited to traditional subsistence agriculture, with 80% of labor force earnings coming from agriculture (coconuts and vegetables), livestock (mostly pigs), and fishing. However, roughly 70% of the labor force is employed in the public sector, although only about 20% of the population is in salaried employment.
Total tax rate (% of commercial profits)
Real Interest Rate
Manufacturing, value added (% of GDP)
Current Account Balance
Labor Force, Total
Employment in Agriculture
Employment in Industry
Employment in Services
Unemployment Rate
Imports of goods and services
Exports of goods and services
Total Merchandise Trade
FDI, net inflows
Commercial Service Exports
coconuts, breadfruit, yams, taro, bananas; pigs, goats; fish
copra, handicrafts, fishing, lumber
copra, chemicals, construction materials
chemicals, machinery, consumer goods
Country Risk Rating
Business Climate Rating

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