FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I register?

You can sign up through the registration page.

Is the registration process complex?

No, the process is quite simple and intuitive, follow the directions. If you encounter any difficulties contact us.

I do not have time, is there a service to enter data?

Yes, we offer a service for this situation, contact us.

Can I change elements of our information at any time?

Yes. You have full control over your information, and you can edit, change, add and remove all information at any time.

What is the cost of being a subscriber of Portugal Export?

There are 2 plans: Free and Premium. The free plan is free of cost and the Premium plan costs 10 euros / month (+ VAT).

What are the differences between plans?

You can see all the differences and features of both plans at Plans and Prices.

Can the price of the Free plan change?

No, the price of the Free plan will always be free.

Are we talking about a starting price that then turns into another price?

No, we set this final price, not changing into another price.

Can I move from the Free to Premium plan?

Yes, at any time you can move to the Premium plan. In your user area, click the Join Premium button and follow the instructions.

When I finish the annual Premium contract, do I have to stay on this plan?

No, you can stay in the Premium plan or move to the Free plan.

How do I pay for the plan?

After following the membership steps you will receive an ATM reference. Make the payment and you will receive an email confirming that your Premium plan is active.

In the free plan can we only disclose our company, products and services?

You can advertise your company, products and services without restrictions, as well as access other features and information. For a complete list see the Plans and Prices page.

Is there a limit to the information I can submit?

Some fields have character limits due to technical and design considerations. However we believe that all limits are reasonable and allow you to advertise your business, products and services in an informative and appealing way. If you have any problems entering data, please contact us.

Is it mandatory to disclose our products' prices?

It is not mandatory to publish prices, we leave it to the user's discretion.

Will we have access to contacts from importers?

Yes, in the Premium plan you can access contacts of importers from all over the world, segmented by area of activity and country.

Currently in which countries do you have more contacts from importers?

Currently we have tens of thousands of contacts from importers. Our contact database is constantly being updated and expanded, covering importers from all over the world and from all business areas.

This platform targets products from the Food sector?

The platform is aimed at the entire Portuguese export market, which includes the food sector. Therefore the platform also targets the food sector. The entire structure is stratified by categories and subcategories so as to facilitate consultation by the visitor to all sectors.

How Portugal Export advertises Portuguese companies to increase their visibility?

  • Sending regular newsletters to disseminate Portuguese products and services, to tens of thousands of international importers and central purchasing companies. The database of contacts is permanently updated and expanded. Each newsletter will focus on a different business sector;
  • Because Portugal Export is a reference directory, designed and developed with the best SEO practices, it will hold a prominent position in the search engines;
  • Digital Marketing campaigns by placing ads on online advertising platforms;
  • Automatic translator in 103 languages, making it easy for visitors to consult its content.

Is the contact with importers made by the exporter?

Exactly. We do not have any intermediation on the contacts or businesses made between parties.

Does Portugal Export receive any commission or mediate the process?


Do we (exporter) use the contacts and establish partnerships ourselves?

Exactly, the contacts are exclusively made between exporter and importer.

Can I stop being a subscriber?

Yes, contact us.

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