Premium Martins&Rebello Goat Milk Cheese

Manufacture of dairy products, operation of dairies and cheese making
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*Limited edition. Exclusive batches. Cheeses are numbered**

Format: mini wheel (0,5kg and 1kg piece) and wedges (0,250kg and 0,5kg)

Milk: pasteurized

Rennet: microbial

Texture: semi-hard, crumbly with some holes and ivory color

Flavor: well-balanced mix between herbaceous and goat

Aroma: intrigant, between goat and sheep

Aging: 60 days

Shelf life: 180 days

Wax (for cheese protection) and Burlap Bag and Brand Label

Martins&Rebello (Indulac Industrias Lacteas SA) Profile

Martins&Rebello (Indulac Industrias Lacteas SA)

Family owned, fourth-generation cheesemaker combining Portuguese Traditional methods with Rebello's family ancient recipes, from 1901.

Spoken Languages
English, French, Portuguese, Spanish; Castilian
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