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When talking about Portugal, it is
unthinkable to not associate this small
country to the vast sea that surrounds it and
the strong connection of its people to this
sea. This connection influenced its entire
History, Culture, traditions and gastronomy.
With approximately 943 km of coast bathed by the
Atlantic, Portugal soon found out that fishing is a
crucial economic activity which boosted trade, arts and
knowledge connected to the fishing art. It was this art
and the quality of the Portuguese coast fish that created
some of the most coveted flavours of the world, among
which the Portuguese canned fish must be highlighted.
This secular product grew exponentially in Portugal in
the 19th century, a time when the wealth of tuna in the
Algarve coast originated the need to preserve fish and
eliminate potential microorganisms that could emerge
as it was not consumed immediately.
It is regarded as a product that is easy to cook, hot or
cold, and that is appropriate for preparing very different
PORTUGUESE recipes. Canned food was exported a lot during the
great world wars and became the major source of
provision to the troops.
The quality of fish and products used for its
preservation and seasoning, such as olive oil, thyme or
basil captured its consumers and made canned fish one
of the most desired Portuguese traditional products in
the country and abroad.
The most common canned fishes are sardines, mackerel
and tuna. Nevertheless, there are other specialties such
as tuna in olive oil, marinated eels, cuttlefish and squids
in their ink and also some shellfish such as mussels.
Nowadays, canned fish makes up for 40% of the entire
Portuguese fishery and this transformed Portugal into
one of the biggest exporters worldwide.
PRIME TRADING offers some of the Portuguese best
canned fish of craft origin to enjoy some of the best
flavours that the Portuguese sea offers.

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