Portuguese Olive Oil

Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats

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The farming day starts early when the sun
hasn’t show itself, and women with food
baskets and men with long cloths, wooden
stairs and eucalyptus wood sticks are already
walking towards the olive groves.
The cloths are laid on the floor and the nets around the
olive trees to collect the fallen fruits after the trees have
been beaten and the branches slatted. No olive is left
behind, all are collected into big wicker baskets until
they move on to the next olive tree. The hard harvest
lasts until the time when the Sun is at its highest point
for a pause and goes on until it gets dark. After been
cleaned, olive trees are taken to the mills as soon as
possible to maintain their properties.
Between October and January, rural communities join
efforts for the season of the olive harvest, maintaining
this secular tradition in Portugal, using the artisan
method described here and the more mechanized
The extraction techniques, the state of the olives’
maturation, the variety of olives, the climate,
temperature and the mills conditions are conditioning
factors of the olive oil features.
Portugal has the ideal conditions for olive oils of
excellence, so the Portuguese olive oil is among the best
and most awarded of the world. The extra virgin olive
oils of superior quality is soft on the palate and has a fine
texture. They have the taste of tradition, authenticity
and history.
There is no moment like when one dives into a piece of
home-made bread into new and fruity olive oil.

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