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natural drinking water

Category: Manufacture of beverages - juices, nectars, fruit and vegetable syrups; powdered drinks
Quantity: 12000000.0 Pieces
FOB Price: 0.53 EUR
Country: Cameroon

Drone Agriculture Sprayer

Category: Yachts, Speed boats
Quantity: 50.0 Pairs
FOB Price: 3900.00 EUR
Country: Portugal

Hybrid Drone

Category: Manufacture of other transport equipment
Quantity: 100.0 Pairs
FOB Price: 15000.00 EUR
Country: Portugal

Carbon Steel

Category: Industrial Fuel
Quantity: 100.0 Tons
FOB Price: 25000.00 EUR
Country: Portugal

Jet Fuel

Category: Other Energy Related Products
Quantity: 100000.0 Barrels
CIF Price: 30.00 EUR
Country: Russia

Customized Plastic Products

Category: Assembly, refurbishment, repair of machines and industrial
Quantity: 2.0 Pairs
FOB Price: 17000.00 EUR
Country: Portugal

HID home emergency searchlight

Category: Wholesale of electricity products and lighting equipment
Quantity: 100.0 Pieces
CIF Price: 60.00 EUR
Country: Russia

Steel Beer Kegs

Category: Production of cisterns, containers and metal tanks
Quantity: 5000.0 Pieces
CIF Price: 40.00 EUR
Country: Russia

alloy aluminium

Category: Aluminium production
Quantity: 500.0 Tons
FOB Price: 1900.00 EUR
Country: Portugal


Category: CCTV Products
Quantity: 2000.0 Pieces
CIF Price: 168.00 EUR
Country: Portugal

luggage Convey Belt Loader

Category: Wholesale of machines and industrial equipment
Quantity: 4.0 Pieces
CIF Price: 35000.00 EUR
Country: Russia


Category: Other types of machines and electronic devices
Quantity: 2.0 Pieces
CIF Price: 115000.00 EUR
Country: Russia

Frozen pork

Category: Meat & poultry
Quantity: 5.0 40' HC Container
Country: France

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