Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Portugal Export platform, such as and without limitations, or any future Web site. By using this website, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

The website is managed by Digital Trade Partners Ltd., headquartered at Rua Élio do Rego, nº2 - 4º Esqº, 2700-342 Amadora.

The websites are available for free for the sole purpose of online consultation. The information in these can only be used for personal purposes. It is strictly forbidden to copy or use the data contained therein for other purposes, including commercial purposes, such as sending mail, creating databases, etc., without the prior written consent of Digital Trade Partners Lda ..

Digital Trade Partners Ltd. and its partners will not be held liable under any circumstances for omissions or other material failures in the basic information or that occur during data processing.

Intellectual property rights

No part of these products may be reproduced, transmitted or published through print, microfilm, magnetic media, electronic mail or any other means without the prior written consent of Digital Trade Partners Ltd. (and / or its partners), except for personal. By using the website, you agree not to use the information in it through any means that is prohibited or could harm Digital Trade Partners Ltd. or its partners.

Accuracy of data available online

Digital Trade Partners Lda has taken the utmost care to collect and update the data registered on the websites, in case of finding any errors in these products, you should contact our technical department by email to info@digitaltrade.partners.

User Generated Content Functionality (UGC)

In order to be able to use the UGC sections of this website, the user must register in advance. Digital Trade Partners Ltd. reserves the right to refuse access to the UGC section to any user, without justification and for any reason. Digital Trade Partners Ltd. will not send any communications in this regard. Theft or violation of registration data (username / password) should be notified immediately to Digital Trade Partners Lda. By sending a message to the following e-mail address: info@digitaltrade.partners.

The UGC user is personally responsible for the images, texts and descriptions posted on the website.

Digital Trade Partners Lda. Is under no circumstances responsible for the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information mentioned in the UGC section. In addition, Digital Trade Partners Lda. Is not liable for any damages that may result from or related to the use of the UGC section and / or the inability to use it. The user is (except for Digital Trade Partners Lda.) The sole responsible for any claim submitted by third parties, and must compensate and compensate in full Digital Trade Partners Lda. In this aspect (including legal costs and attorneys' fees).

The UGC section can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Any commercialization of the published information or use of it for non-personal purposes, regardless of its form, is strictly prohibited. You agree that you will never use the UGC section for unlawful or improper purposes. The user agrees, among other things:

(i) respect all intellectual property rights of both Digital Trade Partners Lda and third parties;

(ii) in particular, respect the privacy rights of third parties (and therefore refrain from mentioning personal data relating to third parties);

(iii) does not violate national or international laws;

(iv) not to provide information that is unlawful, harmful, racist, offensive, obscene, sexist or contrary to public order or public decorum, or that is otherwise objectionable

(v) not to advertise or publish any advertising; and

(vi) not upload files containing viruses or any other software programs and refrain from pirating or damaging the system.

Digital Trade Partners Ltd. reserves the right, for whatever reason, to remove images and texts from its website without prior notice to the user in question. Digital Trade Partners Lda. Does not have to justify its decision nor does it need to communicate this withdrawal to any user. The user can not object to the decisio


Digital Trade Partners Lda. Does not collect personal data unless it is provided voluntarily by the individual user. By registering in the content section generated by the Web site user, entering contests or send e-mails, the user authorizes the Digital Trade Partners Lda. To use their personal data for the construction of the user profile management customers, market research, sending e-mail or sending direct mail. Digital Trade Partners Ltd. Processes the personal data of registered users of the UGC section according to the current law on privacy protection in relation to the processing of personal data. Each individual person has the right to access this data and to correct them as well as to oppose the processing thereof for direct mail purposes, by sending an e-mail to info@digitaltrade.partners.

Automatic data collection

Digital Trade Partners Ltd. may collect aggregate information such as browser usage data, IP address and the website through which the user enters or exits the different websites. This data can be used to display Digital offers and promotions Trade Partners Lda. That are of interest to the user.


During a visit to the website, Digital Trade Partners Ltd. may place "cookie" files on the user's computer. These cookies allow the Digital Trade Partners Lda. Tailor the website to the tastes and preferences of the user and display promotions and product offerings that may be of interest as a user. In most Internet browsers, these cookies can be easily removed or refused. The help section of the browser software contains details about the procedures.

Subscriber's responsibility

By accepting these Terms of Service, the user undertakes to:

1. Provide and maintain true, complete and up-to-date data;

2. Keep confidential the access data to your registry in PORTUGAL EXPORT and use only the register of which you hold, assuming full responsibility for the actions carried out with this same registration, even if by third parties, with or without your authorization;

3. Adopt only conduct that does not violate the current legal order or that in any way damages legally protected positions;

4. Do not present offers to sell products or services, illegal or violent, provocative, offensive, racist or susceptible to violate the privacy or rights of others;

5. As subscriber, assume total and exclusive responsibility for the veracity of the data, as well as the responsibility for the legality of the article or service advertised.


PORTUGAL EXPORT does not undertake to verify or approve, in a binding or systematic way, the ads placed on the platform by the subscribers: these are placed online automatically and without any interference or control on the part of PORTUGAL EXPORT.

The products and services included in the PORTUGAL EXPORT platform, however, must fulfill the following basic requirements, at the responsibility of the subscriber:

1. Be placed in the category and subcategory best suited to the product or service;

2. Any type of demand insertion in foreign markets is not accepted;

3. Advertised products and services may not be burdened by third party rights; it is not allowed to sell products or services that are not in the direct possession of the subscriber;

4. Do not include any article appearing on the following List of Prohibited Items:

(a) Firearms and ammunition - guns whose use and possession require a license or prior legal authorization are not permitted. The list of weapons that require a license for use and size can be found at http://armas.mai-gov.info/perguntas-frequentes/;

b) Illegal copies - copies, duplicates or "backup copies" of computer programs or audiovisual articles, including memory cards or other storage devices that offer or include, as part of the business, such copies;

c) Drugs, narcotics and tobacco;

d) Equipment for unlocking or viewing encoded video signals

e) Pyramid / multilevel schemes;

(f) Animals whose sale is not in accordance with current Portuguese legislation, in particular all specimens listed in the CITES Annexes, in particular Annex IA, must be certified, even if they are antiques (Decreto-Lei n. 114/90, de 5 de abril; Portaria n. 236/91, de 22 de março);

g) Affiliate programs / rewards or commissions and / or business partnerships;

h) Non-explicit offers to make money;

(i) human organs;

j) Replicas and counterfeits;

k) Craft demonstrations without proper registration (Registo Nacional do Artesanato);

l) Digital goods, example software without physical support, software registrations / licenses, ebooks, vouchers in electronic form;

m) Vouchers, vouchers and cards of any kind;

n) Timesharing;

o) Equipment for games of chance, as described in Decreto-Lei n.º 422/89;

5. Notwithstanding the above, it is not allowed to advertise content that violates the legal rules, social welfare, rights of third parties or that contains in particular:

a) Vulgar or offensive content;

b) Content that violates the rules of social etiquette;

c) Content that promotes hatred and violence, racism, xenophobia or conflicts between nations;

d) False or dubious information;

e) Virus or any other technology that could harm other users or even PORTUGAL EXPORT as a service;

f) Advertising services that are competition or not to PORTUGAL EXPORT;

g) Explicit content for adults and / or adults over 18;

h) Placement of means of contact (email, link / URL, telephone) in the title, description or images associated with the subscription;

i) Generic, catalog and / or edited photographs that are not representative of the product or service that is advertised;

j) Placement of tags, keywords or other terms in the title, description or images of the advertisement that have no relation to the product or service being advertised;

k) Any content related to products or services that are generally morally reprehensible, such as prostitution, pyramid schemes, usury or other forms contrary to the law or the rules of decency are the full responsibility of the advertising user, being subject to their provision in the categories appropriate for users of legal age and full possession of legal capacity. Notwithstanding these conditions, PORTUGAL EXPORT is legalized to delete the content in illegality, without prejudice to the property or consequences of said act.

l) The advertiser is responsible for complying with these requirements, and PORTUGAL EXPORT may cancel or delete without notice and at any time advertisements that do not comply with the rules set forth above.

m) Advertisers authorize PORTUGAL EXPORT to use freely the content corresponding to the advertisements of products and services (for example, in advertising promotions, publicity).


Users agree to receive PORTUGAL EXPORT newsletters as well as notifications related to PORTUGAL EXPORT, including any changes to these Terms of Service, to the mailbox associated with your registration.


Illegal activities or information in the UGC section may be communicated to Digital Trade Partners Lda by sending a message to the following e-mail address: info@digitaltrade.partners.

By using the UGC section, you explicitly agree to abide by the above provisions.

The Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese law, with the convention as competent, expressly waiving any other, the court of the district of Lisbon, Portugal.

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