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Orthovisc is a highly refined sterile mixture manufactured from hyaluronan from rooster combs that has a viscous (thick) consistency. A naturally occurring substance in the body is hyaluronan. The fluid that fills the joints and the tissues of the joints contain significant amounts of hyaluronan. In the joint, the body's natural hyaluronan functions as a lubricant and a shock absorber. For the joint to function properly, it is required. Natural hyaluronan in the joint may not be present in sufficient amounts or may not be of sufficient quality if you have osteoarthritis. An injection of Orthovisc is administered right into the knee joint.

Orthovisc is used to treat osteoarthritis-related knee discomfort. It is used for people who do not have sufficient pain relief from common painkillers like acetaminophen or from physical therapy and exercise.

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