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19 de Novembro de 2020 às 13:55


UK marketing agency is interested in the possibility of working with a specialist in cork/wood producer to offer in the UK either an existing small log cabin/holiday chalet/cabin or work collaboratively on a new design. The cabin needs to have eco-friendly qualities and be an economic, movable solution for existing leisure site owners or farmers looking to diversify into tourism by way of establishing a cabin site on their land. The UK leisure market for domestic tourism is expanding, partly due to Covid-19 travel restrictions by air making UK based vacations more appealing. The building would need to be small, economic, visually appealing, easy to ship, assemble in modular form as far as possible. The cabin would need to need to be stable without formal foundations like those of conventional buildings in brick/stone; the ideal being movability. Connections to power, water can be discussed at a later stage. In terms of quantity, we don't know the number of units, price point or even if the product would sell here in the UK yet, the enquiry is firstly a question if anyone is interested in this collaboration. We have been established over 40 years, we organise trade and business events across a number of related sectors and seek to explore this product in keeping with our environmental product policy.

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